Regular 3 Point Hitch Farm Drainage Plow
Model # OFDP-453PT
  • Pulled by 2 wheel drive tractor
  • Transportable by truck
  • 3 point mount
  • Inexpensive


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General Information
Our regular 3 Point Hitch Farm Drainage Plow (OFDP45-3PT) is great for the farmer wanting to install their own tile economically. This model works well for shorter tile runs such as laterals in a pattern tile application or along water ways and for draining wet spots in a field.

Included with this plow is a 4 trailing boot that will install 3" or 4" drainage tile. There is an optional 6" quick attach trailing boot for installing 5" or 6" drainage tile available. Trailing boots can be interchanged in a matter or minutes with our quick change hookups. Drainage tile can be installed up to 4.5' deep with this machine. There are 2 depth indicator chains and a waterlevel on this machine to make it easier for you to install the drainage tile at the desired depth.

This plow can be pulled with a large 2 wheel drive tractor or a front wheel assist tractor. If conditions require, this plow is also equipped with an extra hitch point on the main frame to hook a second tractor to it. You can hook to the tile plow directly, avoiding any undo stress to the main pulling tractor.

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Additional Features
This model can be laser or GPS controlled. To do so, place laser receiver or GPS plow control unit on the provided mount and place a proportioning valve between the hydraulics of the plow and the tractor. The cylinders on this machine and the plow cylinders will keep the machine on the proper grade to install the tile. 

We recently upgraded this plow with 2 - 4" Bore, 24" Stroke, 2" Rod hydraulic cylinders to improve lift capacity and grade control. This model has a 26 degree front angle on the shoe to allow it to pull easier through the soil.

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